Are Business Cards Dead? 10 Reasons Why It’s Time to Go Digital


An era of paper business cards is coming to an end!

In a post-coronavirus world, the traditional paper business cards no longer fit the needs and demands of modern times. With concerns about the rising trend of the digital world and the limitations of in-person interactions, paper business cards are rapidly losing their relevance and becoming outdated.

What Replaced Business Cards?

In today’s interconnected world, personal interactions and building relationships remain crucial. But things are at a constant transition, connecting with new people is essential for personal and professional growth. But the same is not limited to personal interactions. Interactions are also shifting online, meetings via digital space like GoogleMeet, Zoom, Duo and what not. 

While traditional paper business cards have long been the go-to method for sharing information quickly, a new alternative has emerged: digital business cards. This for sure is eliminating the barriers of physical cards which a person cannot share effectively online. 

Digital business cards have stepped to replace their paper counterparts. They offer a modern and convenient way to exchange contact details, especially in our fast-paced, mobile-centric lifestyles. While paper business cards may be losing their relevance, they have played a significant role in paving the way for the adoption of digital business cards.

What are Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards are the electronic counterparts of traditional paper business cards. They can be created and customized using various digital business card apps, many of which are available for free. Digital business cards offer enhanced accessibility and shareability compared to their paper counterparts, making them a preferred choice for exchanging contact information in today’s digital age.

If you’re interested in exploring digital business cards, we recommend trying out Cardddle. Cardddle is a leading business card app designed for both individuals and teams. It offers a free account as well as premium accounts for advanced features. Cardddle also goes beyond basic digital cards and provides additional networking functionalities such as downloadable QR codes, email signatures, and what not.

Why Do You Need a Business Card?

Let’s explore some of the top reasons!

  • Shareability

Digital business cards offer unparalleled convenience when it comes to sharing contact information. They can be easily shared with anyone, anywhere, without the need for physical proximity. Apps like Cardddle allow users to send their digital cards via email, messaging apps, or even share them during virtual meetings. This flexibility enables quick and seamless information exchange in various scenarios.

  • Real-Time Updates

Traditional paper business cards become obsolete as soon as any information changes. Gone are the days of reprinting physical cards and incurring additional costs. With digital business cards, you can make edits and modifications effortlessly, saving your time, money, and the hassle of managing printed materials. It’s a convenient and efficient way to keep your network informed about your latest details.

  • Environmental Sustainability

As awareness of environmental concerns grows, digital business cards offer a sustainable alternative to their paper counterparts. Paper business cards contribute to deforestation, with millions of trees being cut down each year for their production. Moreover, a significant portion of paper business cards are discarded shortly after being received, resulting in wastage. Digital cards significantly reduce paper consumption and the associated environmental impact, making them a greener choice!

  1. Card Scanning Capability

Some digital business card platforms, such as Cardddle, offer a card scanning feature. This allows users to capture information from physical business cards using their smartphone cameras. The scanned details are then directly saved in the app’s contact management system. This feature simplifies the transition from physical to digital cards and ensures accuracy in transferring contact information.

  • Enhanced Networking Features

Digital business cards go beyond providing basic contact information. Apps like Cardddle allow users to customize their digital cards with additional details, such as videos, social media profiles, and even personalized messages. These interactive elements help create a memorable impression and enhance networking opportunities. Furthermore, Cardddle offers features like email signatures and virtual backgrounds for video conferencing platforms, providing a comprehensive networking toolkit.

  • Team-Friendly

Digital business cards are particularly advantageous for teams. With Cardddle Business, teams can centrally manage and distribute digital business cards to all members. This eliminates the need for individual ordering and updating, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency across the team’s contact information. It simplifies onboarding new employees, managing changes within the team, and maintaining a professional image collectively.

  • Germ-Free

One of the significant advantages of digital business cards is their germ-free nature. With the growing awareness of hygiene and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more cautious about physical contact. Digital cards eliminate the need for physical exchanges, reducing the risk of germ transmission and making them a safer option.

  • Analytics and Insights

With digital business cards, you have the advantage of tracking important metrics that provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your networking efforts. You can monitor metrics such as the number of views your card receives, the clicks on any links included in the card, and the overall engagement levels. These analytics give you a clear understanding of how well your digital business card is performing and help you refine your networking strategies accordingly. By leveraging this data, you can make informed decisions to optimize your networking approach and achieve better results.

  • Integration with Contact Management Systems 

Digital business cards can seamlessly integrate with contact management systems, making it easier to organize and manage your network. Contacts captured through digital cards can be directly saved into your phone’s contacts or synced with CRM platforms, ensuring efficient contact management and follow-up.

  • Enhanced Multimedia Capabilities

Digital business cards allow you to include multimedia elements that showcase your brand or portfolio. You can incorporate images, videos, audio clips, or even interactive presentations into your digital card, creating a more engaging and impactful representation of yourself or your business.

  • AI-Powered Data Extraction

Some advanced digital business card apps employ AI-powered data extraction technology to automatically extract information from physical cards accurately.

Interested in Creating Your Own Digital Business Card?

If you’re ready to leave behind traditional paper cards and embrace the digital era, let me guide you through a simple process.

First, ensure recycling your old business cards. Then, take the first step by downloading the Cardddle app on iOS, Android, or visiting their website. Create an account and proceed to enter your contact information. Customize your digital card to reflect your personal or professional brand. Once you’re satisfied, save your card, and voila! You’re all set to start sharing your digital business card with ease.

We’re curious to hear your thoughts! Do you think business cards are gradually becoming obsolete? We value your perspective and would love to know your opinion on this matter. Feel free to share your insights with us!

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