How To Change the Image on Your Digital Business Card?

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In the digital age, networking and professional connections have shifted online, and digital business cards have become an essential tool for showcasing one’s professional identity. While the most significant purpose of a digital business card is to offer contact information, including both personal and company photos on your card can significantly enhance its effectiveness. In this blog post, we will have a look at the importance of having personal and company photos on your virtual business card and the benefits they bring to your professional image. And how to change it?

Why is it Important to Change the Image?

To conclude let us first start by looking at the merits of having a photo on a virtual business card!

  • Establishing a Personal Connection:

Including a personal photo on your digital business card helps establish a personal connection with the recipient. Human beings are naturally wired to remember faces, and a photo allows others to associate your name with a visual representation of yourself. It adds a personal touch and helps potential contacts recall their interaction with you. By presenting your face alongside your contact information, you humanize your digital presence, making it easier for others to connect with you on a personal level.

  • Building Trust and Authenticity:

A personal photo on your digital business card adds a sense of trust and authenticity. When people can see your face, it creates a level of transparency and builds credibility. It conveys that you are a real person behind your professional endeavors and fosters a sense of trust and reliability. By showing your face, you provide a glimpse into your personality and allow others to form an initial impression, which can be a crucial factor in building professional relationships.

  • Enhancing Branding and Professionalism:

Alongside a personal photo, including a company photo on your digital business card can enhance your branding and professionalism. A company logo or relevant visual representation establishes a visual connection with your organization, reinforcing your affiliation and strengthening your brand image. It adds a touch of professionalism, especially if you are representing a company or a brand. The combination of personal and company photos creates a cohesive and well-rounded representation of your professional identity.

  • Differentiating Yourself:

In a sea of digital business cards and online profiles, having both personal and company photos can help you stand out from the crowd. It adds a visual element that catches the recipient’s attention, making your digital business card more memorable. By investing in professional and high-quality photos, you demonstrate a commitment to your personal brand and leave a lasting impression on potential contacts or clients.

  • Reflecting Your Values and Culture:

A company photo on your digital business card can provide insights into your organization’s values, culture, or physical presence. For example, if you work in a collaborative environment, a team photo can showcase the camaraderie and teamwork within your company. It helps potential clients or partners gain a glimpse into your company’s ethos and allows them to assess compatibility and alignment.

How To Change the Photo on Your Digital Business Card

The process is simple and straightforward for cardddle users,

Navigate to Your Card: Log in to your digital business card account and navigate to your card dashboard.

Personal Information: To change the personal profile image or background image, Go to the “Personal Information” tab or section. 

Add Profile Image: Look for the “Add Image” option or an “Edit Profile” section on your card dashboard. Click on it to upload your desired profile image. Choose a professional and high-quality image that best represents you or your brand.

Update Background Image: To change the background image of your digital business card, find the “Background Image”. Click on it to upload a visually appealing and relevant background image that complements your overall card design.

Company Profile: To change the company logo and background image Navigate to “Company Profile” 

Company Logo: To change or add company logo click on “Add Image” to add and Click on existing logo to change, and select desired image. Likewise select for background image while clicking the existing background image or adding a new one directly.

Save Changes: Once you have made the necessary changes to your profile image, background image, and personal information, make sure to save the changes before exiting the editing mode.

Preview Your Card: Before finalizing the updates, take a moment to preview your digital  business card. Ensure that the images and information are correctly displayed and that the card aligns with your desired professional image.

P.S. This method is only for Cardddle users. It may vary on various applications, but more or less the process remains the same.


In the digital era, where face-to-face interactions are limited, personal and company photos on your digital business card play an essential role in establishing connections, building trust, and enhancing your professional image. By including these visual elements, you create a stronger impact and differentiate yourself from others. Remember to choose high-quality photos that align with your personal brand and convey professionalism. Have the power of visuals to leave a lasting impression and forge meaningful professional relationships


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